You asked and we responded...
We Just Released A Payment Plan!!!

Your unconventional business absolutely CAN advertise on all Social Media Platforms...

...and now, more than ever, you need to take advantage of the unbelievably low lead costs

As concerning as the Coronavirus is for our world, there are some positives that are coming from this life-altering situation we are all finding ourselves in.

We believe that increased family time, a more relaxed daily lifestyle and a time for the world to heal are the most significant benefits at the present time. 

But, there are also some real benefits to our businesses that are unexpectedly occurring.

The one that is the most significant to individuals and businesses that run Facebook and Instagram Ads is that the Lead prices have dramatically decreased...

...and when we say "dramatically" we mean by as much as 80%.

That means that the Lead that cost you $20 before March 10, 2020 is now. costing you about $5.

The Lead that cost you $5 before March 10, 2020 is now costing you about $1.

If those numbers aren't convincing, I don't know what is!!!

Now, I know you've probably had some very bad experiences with social media marketing for your green business. The majority of unconventional business owners are right there with you!

You haven't been able to get your Ads approved or you've had your account suspended. 
You may have even attempted to work with Influencers but achieved no real measurable gain.

Well, there has never been a better time to perfect the process.

And that's why, in this crazy time, we decided to move forward with the re-release of our course
Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business Niche

I want to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that growing your unconventional business through social media channels is 100% doable and easier than you think, and now less expensive than we've ever seen...if you know the insider strategies that other successful "green" entrepreneurs are using.

Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business Niche
is the ONLY program of its kind that will teach you how to…

1. Stop The Scroll With Industry Images And Videos That FB and Instagram Will Bless.

2. Write The Perfect Copy, Utilizing Dialogue That FB And Insta Will Approve, While Still Conveying Your Business' Message To Your Customer.

3. Target Your Perfect Customer Without Offending Anyone Outside The Green Space That Sees Your Ad.

4. Design The Perfect Landing Page That Facebook And Instagram Will Approve When They Follow Your Optin Link From Your Ad.

5. Get Your Ad Account Back Into The Good Graces Of Facebook If It Gets Suspended Or Banned.

So if you’re ready to finally nail down the Social Media Ad strategies that will have you reaching your ideal customers through Facebook and Instagram without getting your Ad Account suspended or permanently banned (for submitting Ads that throw up a RED FLAG to Facebook), you are where you need to be!

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Module 1

Learn How To Stop The Facebook And Instagram Scroll Using Images And Videos That Will Get Approved

Nothing matters more, when trying to catch your perfect customers' attention, than the Image or Video you put in front of them on their scroll. 

Module Highlights:

In Module 1 we'll show you how to choose the correct images and videos that will not only catch your customer's attention but that will be blessed by Facebook and Instagram.

- Images
- Video
- Sourcing of Free and Premium assets
- Why the percentage of text on your image will determine whether FB shows your Ad.

Module 2

Writing The Perfect Copy That Facebook Will Accept On The Initial Submission 

Messages can be delivered in many different ways. To make an advertising campaign truly profitable it has to convert, and nothing converts like top-shelf copy!

Module Highlights:

We all know that words make a huge difference in how we communicate in daily life, and Facebook is no different. In Module 2 we'll be teaching how phrasing and the choice of text will determine whether FB and Insta approve your submitted Ads. 

- Acceptable Dialogue For The "Unconventional" Business
- Highly Converting Dialogue That Touches Your Perfect Customer
- Emoji Use And How FB and Insta view their use in paid advertising

Module 3

Targeting Your Ideal Customer By Learning How To Strategically Use What Facebook Allows Inside The Platform

Facebook and Instagram change their targeting options on a weekly basis. Learn how to use what is provided by the platform to reach your perfect customer.

Module Highlights:

Targeting your perfect customer is not just about calling them out by profession. Facebook owns, and provides to their advertisers, an extremely robust profile of their users. In Module 3 you'll be learning how to harness this powerful databank for your benefit.

- Age
- Occupation
- Interests
- Life Stage
- Look-a-likes
- Page Followers and Their Friends
- Audience Insights

Module 4

Learn How To Design And Develop Landing Pages That Will Not Only Convert But That Will Get Approved When Facebook Follows The Link From Your Ad (*which they do on every Ad submission now)

A Lead Magnet is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize when enticing your customer to take an action or give their contact information. In the past, the content of your Landing Page, which contained your Lead Magnet, was of no concern to Facebook. But everything has changed and now FB is checking to make sure there is no bate and switch going on with your advertising efforts.

Module Highlights:

The content contained on your Landing Page matter to your client and matter to FB as well. In Module 4 you'll be learning how the development of a branded Landing Page (that matches the branding of your FB or Insta Ad) will help get your Ad approved quickly.

- Lead Magnets
- Acceptable Page Copy
- Cohesive Branding
- Optin Form Styles That Convert

Module 5

What To Do When Your Ad Account Gets Suspended Or Permanently Banned

Nothing is more troubling, to the business owner or entrepreneur advertising through paid social media, than having their advertising account suspended or permanently banned...and not knowing how to fix it!

Module Highlights:

If you've had your account flagged in any way, you know that it is next to impossible to reach anyone on the inside of Facebook unless you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. In Module 5 you'll be learning the strategies you can utilize to get your account back in good standing within 24 hours...without ever speaking to a Facebook representative on the telephone.

- Account Suspension
- I've Been Permanently Banned From The Platform!!!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business - $1997 Value

But In Addition We've Got Some Great Bonuses For The Action Takers In our Community...

>> FREE Ebook - How To Generate Wealth In The Fastest Growing Market Of Your Lifetime - $49 Value

>> Tech Resource Guide To Build Effective FB and Insta Ad Campaigns - $199 Value

>> Top 10 Social Media Cannabis Influencer Marketing Accounts - $79 Value

>> 30 Minute Private Phone Consultation With Owner, Brian Mellett - $225 Value 

Total Value: Over $2500

Frequently Asked Questions

The 8 Questions Our Most Successful "Green" Business Owners Asked Before Purchasing The Training...

 I'm worried that I don't have the money to advertise my business in the current climate. What can you tell me to reassure me that this is the right move?

Here is what we know, without an ounce of hesitation. Business owners who don't support their businesses through growth of some kind may not survive the current economic crisis. It's a sad and scary thing to say, but we wouldn't be preaching this if we weren't running our business with the identical philosophy. We have weathered financial storms before, albeit none quite as crazy as this one, and there are always winners and losers. We strongly believe that we must position ourselves to be on the winning side of things when all of this is over. 

Fortunately for us, our industry is giving all of us an amazing advantage. The unbelievable drop in Lead costs, through social media advertising, has provided business owners the ability to stay afloat when others can't. What we mean by that is you are now getting up to an 80% reduction of your Lead costs. For every one Lead you were getting through Facebook and Instagram advertising, you are now getting at least four...and sometimes more. 

 I've never been able to get my Ads approved in my industry. Why will this be different?

When you've been on the inside of "unconventional" business consulting, and more importantly social media advertising, for as long as we have, certain trends start to expose themselves. Capitalizing on these trends and industry fluctuations takes money. When you are only advertising for your own business, you are limited in what you can see because you are investing small amounts in the platform. However, when you have many clients in "unconventional" businesses, like us, you work with a much higher bank roll. This gives us access to not only more data trends and knowledge of how to work around the platform but also enables us to have professional points of contact inside of Facebook. In this course you'll learn exactly what we already know and that's truly all it will take for you to get your Ads approved.

 I'm Not Sure If My Product Violates Facebook's Terms Of Service. Will This Course Still Work For Me?

YES! To be completely transparent, we work within Facebook's Terms Of Service. Nothing we do in social media marketing violates a TOS. We are a long-standing and well-respected consulting firm. But here's the exist in every situation. Your product may be in violation of the TOS but that doesn't mean your advertising has to. In this course we'll show you how you can stay above board and in the good graces of Facebook while marketing a product whose federal regulations may still be in question. With that said, we will not accept any business owners into our training who market any good or service that is considered illegal in the eyes of the US Federal AND State Laws.

 I've Heard There's Going To Be A Change In Facebook's Policies And They're Going To Allow Advertising For Cannabis And Cannabis-related Products. I Can Just Wait Until That Happens To Start Advertising.

You can definitely hang out and wait for policies to change inside Facebook. At some point they probably will. This issue is when and how exactly will those affect "unconventional" businesses. This issue is, this industry doesn't have a time frame and FB isn't really talking. There have been some interesting conversations of some chat boards but no one really has any concrete answers. Then there's the fact that even if FB does permit a portion of the industry to utilize their platform for advertising purposes, there is no way of knowing which products will be permitted and which won't. For example, it may be that FB approves Hemp products within the next 24 months but nothing beyond that. Well, that's an issue for many "green" entrepreneurs because what's hot right now is CBD. Either way, none of these changes are happening next month, so that means even if you are willing to wait, you are missing critical growth in the market. Your competition isn't waiting! 

 I'm Not Bringing In Enough Money Yet To Afford The Course.

We understand! Starting a new business, or growing an existing one, is always a financial juggling act - especially if you're doing it without venture capital backing. But here's the thing, it takes money to make money. I know it's cliche but it's also true. When you invest in advertising, the numbers will show you a positive return. It's not about guessing what will or won't work, it's about the numbers. Once you get your Ads up and running smoothly, you'll thank me for the gentle shove. Just drive through Starbucks a few less times and eat at home twice a week instead of going out. If you are really serious about growing your business these shouldn't be sacrifices but rather a lifestyle shift that will get you where you know you belong!

 How Is The Course Delivered?

Good question. The course is 5 modules that will have a new module released every week. The course actually spans 6 weeks, because there is an implementation week that will occur over the week of Christmas. Don't worry about having to work over the Holidays. We have specifically timed this course with the goal of you hitting the ground running in January 2020. A fantastically lucrative New Year awaits you!

 What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee! No questions asked. But we know you won't use it because what's inside this course will change your business growth forever! Nothing delivers on your advertising dollars like paid social media Ads.

 Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

Absolutely. Take a look below!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business - $1997 Value

But In Addition We've Got Some Great Bonuses For The Action Takers In our Community...

>> FREE Ebook - How To Generate Wealth In The Fastest Growing Market Of Your Lifetime - $49 Value

>> Tech Resource Guide To Build Effective FB and Insta Ad Campaigns - $199 Value

>> Top 10 Social Media Cannabis Influencer Marketing Accounts - $79 Value

>> 30 Minute Private Phone Consultation With Owner, Brian Mellett - $275 Value 

Total Value: Over $2500

Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business

It's Perfect For You If...

- You've tried to advertise your "unconventional" business on Facebook or Instagram and have repeatedly had your Ads declined.

- You've had your Facebook Ad Account suspended in the past.

- You've had your Facebook Ad Account permanently banned.

- You're just getting started with your business and want to get it right the first time.

- You're done struggling with social media advertising and want to learn it correctly once and for all.

- You're done taking FB Ad advice from all the "experts" in the Facebook groups you follow.

- You're tired of throwing good advertising money after bad testing of your Facebook Ads. 

- You absolutely know your perfect customer is on Facebook and/or Instagram but you haven't been able to reach them.

- You have been looking for the quickest and most cost-effective way to learn Facebook Ads that will work for your "unconventional" business.

- You're ready to do whatever it takes to 10x your advertising dollars by targeting your perfect customer through social media advertising.

If you said “yes” to ANY of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside...

Social Media Advertising For The "Unconventional" Business - $1997 Value

But In Addition We've Got Some Great Bonuses For The Action Takers In our Community...

>> FREE Ebook - How To Generate Wealth In The Fastest Growing Market Of Your Lifetime - $49 Value

>> Tech Resource Guide To Build Effective FB and Insta Ad Campaigns - $199 Value

>> Top 10 Social Media Cannabis Influencer Marketing Accounts - $79 Value

>> 30 Minute Private Phone Consultation With Owner, Brian Mellett - $275 Value 

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