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We are in the largest market boom since the internet!
Do you really want To Miss out on the generational wealth that is currently being created by The Business Of legalized cannabis??
Every day in the US and Canada, millionaires are being created courtesy of the legalization of cannabis! And to be honest, most of those freshly minted millionaires will never harvest a crop or open a dispensary. In fact, they'll never even come into contact with A plant unless they chose to structure their business that way.
You are probably wondering how this is possible, aren't you? Well to completely understand, let's take a quick look back at the California Gold Rush of the mid 1800s. Most people think the Miners where the ones that prospered the most from the Gold Rush, but that wasn't the case at all. Not even close. In fact, many of those miners lost their health, their families and their savings during that time. They moved their families across the country. They invested everything they had to their names. They worked pain-staking hours under miserable conditions. And most of the minors came away with very little, or nothing at all, to show for their extreme sacrifices. 

So who did the Gold Rush create generational wealth for, if not the miners? 


The Companies That Made The Shovels!!!

Do you get it now? The opportunity to build an entrepreneurial business in legalized cannabis comes not only with the growing, harvesting and selling, but also with the support structure that is required to undertake the growing, harvesting and selling. 

But You Know Very Little Or Nothing Of Legalized Cannabis,Right?
That's the beauty of this industry! You don't need to understand Farming Or Harvesting Or The Medicinal Benefits Of The Plant To Be Successful And Give Back!

You just need to open your mind and explore your own personal skill sets. Everybody has skills in at least one of the leading areas of necessity in the legalized cannabis market! What is yours? 

Software Development
Social Media
Real Estate
Land And Property Management
Personnel Management
Technical Trade Specialties
Idea Creation

Have you identified at least one area that aligns with your strengths? 

Can you see yourself giving back to patients and people who could benefit from what you offer? 

This isn't just a money play, you know! 
Medicinal cannabis is a "game changer" for patients with cancer, chronic pain, diagnosed anxiety, epilepsy and so much more!


That's How We Got Involved In The Legalized Marketplace In The First Place!
But You Don't Even Know Where To Begin...
That's OK - That's Where B Green Consultants Comes In...

The Only Online Membership Site Catering To The Business Of Legalized Cannabis

Whether you are a complete and total entrepreneurial beginner or you are looking to take your business to the next level, we are here to assist you!

All things business are available to you inside the members portal. 
From the simplest business plans to networking for venture capital --> it's all there! 
Legalized cannabis teaching, training and consulting from A to Z

We are on a mission to help budding entrepreneurs jump into the fastest growing business they will ever see in their lifetime...and that includes the Internet!
You Are Probably Wondering Why And How Entrepreneurial Industry Disruptors, Like Ourselves, Entered The World Of Legalized Cannabis
We are going to show you exactly why and how we did it, 
so that you can model our moves and our success!
First, before we take on any new projects or businesses they must align with our philosophy!

We ask ourselves a series of 4 questions:

1 - Has the basic groundwork been laid by those that have come before us?

If the answer is no, we exit immediately. The most successful entrepreneurs make things better. They don't create...they perfect what already exists. If we can answer YES, we move to question #2.

2 - Can we disrupt the industry, whatever it is?

If the answer is no, we take a pass. The emotional payoff of being an entrepreneur is in altering the status quo! If we can't make a significant difference with our time and resources, we shift gears to an area where we can.

3 - Can we benefit and serve our global community?

If the answer is no, we move on. A large component of living an entrepreneurial life for us is to feel the impact of our work. If the project presented to us doesn't change the world in a positive way, we won't spend our energy in that area...and this part's important - no matter how lucrative it may be!

4 - Can we predict success in some way - either philosophically, philanthropically or financially?

Presumably, if we have answered YES to the above 3 questions, this one seals the deal. If we can now answer YES to this question, we move forward. 

As I'm Sure You've Already Realized, We Answered YES To All 4 Questions In The Legalized Cannabis Market
What Would Your Life Be Like As A 
Legalized Cannabis Entrepreneur?
Can you image it? 

Knowing that you were using your knowledge and ability to move a very important medical and business market forward! 

Being able to make choices in life that you couldn't have even imagined previously!

Providing for your family in a way that they had never experienced before!

Expressing your creativity and business savy!

Giving back to a community that will forever be grateful for your input!

Taking control of your time...rather than letting someone else determine your work schedule!

Successful and fulfilling entrepreneurial lifestyles don't just happen overnight. 
They do happen, however, when intuition and business savy meets opportunity! 

The melding of your intuition and business savy, along with the opportunity to join 
B Green Consultants Membership will pave the way to your entrepreneurial success! 
And Now You're Wondering...
What Does It Take To Join?
Join Like-Minded Cannabis Entrepreneurs As We All Advance The Industry And Create A Better Life For Ourselves And Our Families

Inside the B Green Consultants membership portal you'll have unlimited access to new weekly content, including training related to: 

idea creation 
business strategy
business development
growth strategy
trending markets
industry stock watch
a hot-box for confidential conversation with 
like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs! 
Here's What You'll Receive When You Join The B Green Consultants Membership Portal
B Green Consultants Membership Portal Just-Launched Pricing
You'll receive immediate access to the B Green Consultants Membership Portal. And you'll get it at the reduced just-launched price. 

Because first-movers are always the most successful, we want to make sure you get rewarded for getting in on the ground floor of our the B Green Consultants membership portal.

New weekly content and training will be available to you 24/7. 

There's nowhere else online that you can receive cannabis-specific business training and coaching! We'll always have the latest and most informative fresh content and training available - prepared for you by industry professionals and consultants! Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran cannabis entrepreneur, the value of your membership will be obvious every time you log in!

Members-Only Hot Box
Growth happens when like-minded entrepreneurs come together to brain-storm ideas and strategies. That's why we have included one of the most important pieces of the membership portal - the ability to interact confidentially with other legalized cannabis entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to discuss business or network for potential investors, you'll have an intelligent and insightful audience in the hot box. You'll receive immediate access to the hot box too. There's no waiting to join the hot box, even for the newest of entrepreneurs. 
Confidential One-On-One Consulting
There comes a time in the life of all businesses where they need personal mentorship or private consulting to get to the next level of success.

With your B Green Consultants membership, you'll have access to some of the greatest business minds in legalized cannabis. That alone is an amazing value! Then add to that the option to connect with them at not cost or at a reduced Member's rate! Even as little as 15 minutes a month of private consulting more than pays for your entire monthly membership fee. If that doesn't sell you on the value of the B Green Consultants Membership, we don't know what would!
But It Doesn't End There... 

When you join during the just-launched period, not only will you get the just-launched membership rate, but you'll also get some AMAZING EXTRAS to get you up and running at TURBO speed!
You won't find any of our Amazing Extras in bookstores or on Amazon. They are strictly reserved and available only to our B Green Consultants Members!
Amazing FREE Extra #1
Managing An All Cash Business...
...And What You Need To Know To Be Successful!
One of the most significant barriers to entry in legalized cannabis is money availability and movement! Due to the federal regulations imposed on the financial backing and infrastructure of legalized cannabis businesses, it can be difficult for the "green" entrepreneur to make a play initially and even ongoing. 

Most entrepreneurs breaking into cannabis struggle with being cash-short AND not having a secure way to manage the cash. We'll break it all down for you and detail the strategies that successful entrepreneurs utilize to keep their businesses in the black. 
Amazing FREE Extra #2
The Top 20 Cannabis Social Media Influencers...
...And How They Can Help You Grow Your Business
No matter the business vertical, social media plays a role in information sharing and advertising. Legalized cannabis relies particularly heavily on social media to get their word out. Where traditional advertising platforms are still shying away from cannabis due to it's federal regulations, social media platforms are being utilized to spread the word about cannabis. Many "blue-check" and "verified" cannabis-related accounts are available to assist cannabis business entrepreneurs get the word out about their offerings. We have compiled the top 20 social media influencers in the cannabis market. We'll give them to you for free, and we'll share with you how you can utilitze their accounts to grow your business!
Amazing FREE Extra #3
State By State Legalization Map
For even the most seasoned cannabis entrepreneur, it can be difficult to keep all of the specific state regulations top of mind. With B Green Consultants constantly updated legalization map, you can rest assured that you will always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. 
We know you want the most comprehensive cannabis training and networking available online today. There's only ONE way you can get that, and that's with your own B Green Consultants Membership! 

There are no other legalized cannabis business membership portals available online! Not a single one that can offer the level of expertise, confidentiality and networking potential you will find with B Green Consultants
Just-Launched Membership Offer!
Pricing Will Continue To Increase Weekly Through The End Of 2018!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee*
*We know you'll never want to give up your membership access, but even if you do, we'll let you keep all the amazing FREE extras! We are that certain you'll be a B Green Consultants member for a long, long time!
It's Time For You To Become An Industry Disruptor, Just Like Us...
If You Are Still Reading, You Already Know What You Want And Need To Do!
B Green Consultants has been involved in the disruption of multiple industries, including the service-based industry, the real estate industry, the lead generation industry, the social media growth industry, the content creation industry, the APP development industry, the education industry, the green and sustainable industry, the health and wellness industry and many, many more. 

BUT, we have never identified a more lucrative and higher social cause-driven industry than legalized cannabis! Not only do you have the potential to create generational wealth, but you also have the ability to promote social and healthcare change...and honestly, is there anything more important than leaving your stamp on a legacy industry? And to be clear, that is exactly what legalized cannabis is - A LEGACY INDUSTRY!

Remember, you're just one perfect decision away from changing your life and the life of your family...

- Brian and Beth
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  •  90 Days Of Reduced Rate Private Consulting ($2400 Value)
  •  FREE - How To Get Into The Business Of Legalized Cannabis... ($39 Value)
  •  FREE - Managing An All Cash Business ebook ($39 Value)
  •  FREE - Top 20 Cannabis Social Media Influencers + Contact ($297 Value)
  •  FREE - State By State Legalization Map ($197 Value)
Total Value: $5622 Annually
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